Sunday, 22 December 2013

Free The Beasts: 2013's best albums

1. Big Wheel and OthersCass McCombs

"I believe in littering, waste should not be hidden but seen."

2. Pale Green Ghosts - John Grant

"I should have practiced my scales. I should not be attracted to males"

3. A Wonder Working Stone - Alasdair Roberts 

"See the deniers they bring a demeaning, religion that rose from the sewers of Rome"

4. Jonathan Wilson - Fanfare

"So now violence and intolerance disappear as energy"

5. Float Along - Fill Your Lungs - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

6. About Farewell - Alela Diane

"Here I will wait out the storm, killing time on the fringes again."

7. The Sun Dogs - Rose Windows 

8. Time Off - Steve Gunn 

"Past and present and future cease"

9. Loud City Song - Julia Holter 

"Bang bang"

10. Hirta Songs - Alasdair Roberts & Robin Robertson

"Too old now and too few"

11. Monkey Minds in the Devil's Time - Steve Mason 

"This is what you find when you are here to see it all"

12. Get There - Minor Alps

"In the end you found me and we were rebuilding"

13. Hobo Rocket - Pond

"And if you motherfuckers don't like it you can all get out"

14. Bright Sunny South - Sam Amidon

15. Indigo Meadow - The Black Angels

"Hey little darlin' you're a dreamer"

16. The Flower Lane - Ducktails

"Fill the lock and turn the key"

The Ash & Clay - The Milk Carton Kids

"Graceland is a ghost town tonight"

Anarchic Breezes - Grim Tower

"Who do you love if it ain't me?"

19. Monomania - Deerhunter

"I'm a poor boy from a family"

20. Pools - Zeahorse